Rioja Private Tours



Unforgettable, personalized private wine tours of best Rioja wineries and more if you prefer to travel in Rioja with only the members of your party in a unique, safe and intimate experience.

There are more than 600 wineries in Rioja, so it can be complicated to figure out which winery to visit and how to organize an itinerary, specially since most of them require bookings in advance. Some of the wineries are focused to tourists and it is easier to book yourself , but the most special ones are not always reacheable online or they don’t speak English. 

We can help you to discover very authentic and top wineries and offer you access to places that most tourists don’t have.

Discover all those places that you can’t find in the travel guides.

Whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends looking for a wine and gastronomic discovery or a wine immersion, we offer different kind of exclusive private tours.

We have been organizing wine tours in Rioja for wine lovers from all around the world since 2002. We are the first wine tours company founded in Rioja. When we started, most of the wineries in the region were not even open to visitors. Except for our guests. Get access to our prestigious contacts.

No matter if you are a wine novice, an experienced connoisseur or a wine expert. We can design the perfect personalized private Rioja wine tour to meet your needs.



Take advantage of our expertise and contacts

Wine is our passion and we are from Rioja. We have a wide network of prestigious contacts and cultivate relationships with most of the wineries in Rioja. From the big labels to small boutique and family-run wineries which you probably would never find on your own. Places that will turn your visit to Rioja into an unforgettable experience.

Get top class and personalized service

Meet enthusiast wine makers at wineries that have been creating the magic of wine from generation to generation. Discover a way of life. Take a stroll around gorgeous vineyards set on amazing locations. Taste top wines at wineries from Middle Ages with ancient caves and cellars or with the most cutting-edge designs and facilities. We can design the perfect tour according to your needs and wine preferences.

Private Transportation

Transportation is not wide in Rioja and you need a car to get the most of the wineries. Our private tours include private luxury transportation with professional and licensed driver. So, relax and immerse in the wine country. If you want to have a more educational tour and a translator where needed, you can also include in your tour one of us as your wine expert local guide. We know many secrets and hidden gems in Rioja. And we want to share them with you.

Gourmet experiences

Food is another of our passions. And our region offers a terrific gastronomy. No picnic lunch on our tours (unless you want). You will have a true gourmet experience at some of the best restaurants in Rioja. From more traditional and slow food options to modern and ellaborated dishes, you will savor some of the best food options our region has to offer. Don’t worry if you have specific dietary requirements, we can adapt any menu to your needs.

Wine Deluxe Tours in La Rioja with Thabuca

Let us put our expertise, contacts and passion to work for you!



Wine Deluxe Tour

Private Rioja wine tour with premium tastings designed for wine enthusiasts

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A Taste of Rioja

Taste some of the best Rioja wines with our wine tastings only tour. For avid wine lovers

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Rioja Discovery Tour

A selection of contrasted wineries for an introduction into Rioja wines

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Tour to Rioja from Bilbao

If you are staying in Bilbao, don’t miss the chance to visit Rioja with our one day trip

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Tour to Rioja from San Sebastian

If you are staying in San Sebastian, don’t miss the chance to visit the wine country with our day tour

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Tour to Rioja from Madrid

A private luxury experience to discover Rioja from Madrid

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Rioja Flavours

Immerse in Rioja during 3 days with this gourmet tour open to be tailored to your needs

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Rioja Wine & Golf

Combine your favourite sport with a unique wine experience

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Basque Gourmet Experience

A luxury 6 days food and wine experience covering the best of Rioja and Basque Country.

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Rioja & Ribera de Duero Wine Tour

A private tour to discover the most prestigious wine regions in Spain: Rioja and Ribera de Duero

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Northern Spain Flavours

A private luxury tour to discover the best wines and food of Northern Spain

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Are you ready to enjoy an extraordinary and unique experience?