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Carol Gutiérrez - CEO & Founder

Welcome to My Home, the magic Wine Country!


I’m the CEO & Founder in Thabuca. I hold a degree in Tourism Management and Hospitality. Not only do I love my job; I’m absolutely passionate about tourism and travel. I have been in the travel and hospitality industry for 30 years.

I was born in Catalonia and have lived in different places in Spain and Europe. In 1998, during an unexpected trip, I came to Rioja and I totally felt in love with this region and its wines (and also with my husband today, a local winemaker…) and decided to establish in Rioja and have lived here ever since.

After doing some professional wine trainings and working as a freelance local guide and translator at some wineries during my first years in Rioja, I recognized the region’s needs for a wine tour operator. It was difficult for visitors to discover the real Rioja, to find and book at the best wineries, to find transportation, to tour the region, to feel the authentic essence of the wine country… And I founded Thabuca Wine Tours in 2002 and specialized in wine and gastronomic tourism to help travelers from all over the world to design their dreamed and unique wine trips in Rioja.

This way, I established the first wine tour operator in Rioja and in Spain, becoming one of the pioneers of wine tourism in Spain.

I needed to share with other travelers the magic of this region, all the wonderful stories behind each wine. The happinness, pride and enthusiasm that winemakers and local people feel about its land, its wines, its culture and history. So many stories and experiences to be shared…

  • I’m an avid globertrotter & travel addict. Since very young, I have traveled to around 60 countries and I’m always dreaming on my next destination and looking for new experiences to enjoy  food, wines and local culture. 
  • I love cooking and sharing wine and food with my family and friends. Many of them are winemakers, so there is always good wine in our parties…
  • Another of my passions is writting. I write my own travel blog and on different travel publications.
  • I love comunnicating and connecting with people. And having good conversations. Maybe this is the reason why I speak 7 languages, which also includes Basque. Speaking languages helps me to connect with people from all around the world.

We connect curious travelers and discerning wine lovers with local small wineries off the-beaten track

Our Mission

We believe that travel is about immersing yourself in local culture. We support local community, independent and family-run companies. Although we are happy to collaborate with big and famous wineries, we have a special love for small producers. Real hidden gems with amazing wines and lots of extraordinary stories to share. Wine and food have the power to bring people together, create connections, trigger the emotions and help us celebrate life. We understand wine as a way of life, as an expression of our land transmitted from generation to generation. Wine is the way to transmit our history. Our culture and unique personality. Our main goal is to share the essence and uniqueness of our land with travelers and wine lovers from all over the world looking for authentic and local experiences. Caring about all details that makes a travel a life time memory.

The Team


Guide and Curator
Expert in Rioja wine and culture


Expert in Rioja wine and culture


Showing the real Basque Country


Your host in San Sebastian

Our company

Thabuca Wine Tours is a DMC and local boutique tour operator located in Rioja Alavesa (the Basque side of Rioja) and specialized in private and luxury wine tours and gourmet experiences in Rioja, Basque Country and Northern Spain.

Pioneers in wine tourism in Spain, we have been operating since 2002, designing unique wine tours and food experiences for travelers from all around the world.

We are a small local company but with big passion and desire to share with you all our region has to offer.

Thabuca began because a passion for our land, its food and wine, a love to travel and an enthusiam to introduce other travelers the real and authentic Rioja without overlooking quality and personalized service.

We are a team of experienced travel curators and professional local guides in several languages with a deep knowledge of the region and passionate about wine, providing you fascinating insights into the present and past of Rioja wine region.

We run the tours, select the best providers and create extraordinary wine experiences.

As the very first wine tours company founded in Rioja, we have a wide network of prestigious contacts and cultivate relationships with most of the wineries in Rioja.

We are a fully licensed  travel agency. So we can help you not only organizing your tour in Rioja but also with assistance for your whole trip.

Viñedo en la Rioja Alavesa

We offer

How we do

With professionalism, quality, know how, expertise, personalized service and passion for our job.

We are locals and know our land inside out. And we are also avid travelers ourselves, so we understand the true needs and wishes you may have when traveling.

We would love to share with you our local culture.  Our way of life. We want you to feel the uniqueness of our region, the extraordinary stories behind each wine. The history of our towns linked to wine for centuries. The amazing scenery of centenary vineyards that live together with the most innovative avant-garde buildings. The flavors of our great gastronomy.

Our tours are focused to

Working, a pleasure

Conmmitted to innovation, quality, tourism excellence and professional skills of our human team.

We are a happy team. We love our job. We love our region. We love our clients that very often become friends.

Staff motivation and participation, a more efficient resources management and the best quality services to our customers are our most important goals.

Our Certified Quality  Management System, involves ongoing professional training programs and different management  and  customer satisfaction protocols.

We are a certified company with official Quality Labels: 

  • Safe Tourism Certified
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Commitment to Tourism Quality
  • Best Practice in ICT


Responsible Tourism

We have a commitment with our environment, with a global policy for the protection and respect of nature and with responsible tourism practices.

We are based on social, economic and cultural sustainability criteria.

With sensitivity and respect to our local traditions and its preservation.

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