How are our tours?

Unique experiences for the senses.

Tours for travelers willing to discover the best of Rioja wine and Basque food.

We suggest you a  travel  to  world of Rioja wine  through touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste.

A trip to Rioja and Basque Country where you will be able to see, talk, listen and feel through our wine and food proposals.

Exploring traditional wineries with centuries of history in its caves and cellars or discovering the most innovative facilities and technologies.

Opening for you the doors of small “boutique” wineries that usually remain closed for most visitors and which are real hidden gems.

Traveling across small villages founded in the Middle Ages whith lots of secrets wishing to be revealed.

Inviting you to enjoy the aromas of wine, of oak  wood, cave’s history or harvest charm.

Savoring the best culinary proposals at one of the best wine and food regions of Spain.

Feeling the land and enjoying it with the wine producers who work the vines with passion and care to create the magic of wine.

We will take you to places you won’t find on travelguides.

We will help you to organize your dream wine tour.

Just let us know your preferences and we will make it happen.

You will experience not only the beauty of Rioja and the quality of its wines, but also its human side.


Fin de semana en la Rioja Alavesa

Visita guiada a Labastida


Bodegas de autor en La Rioja

Why choose our tours?

  • Special treatment at all the wineries. We have all the contacts and special and wonderful relationship with most of the wineries
  • Access to non commercial and family run wineries
  • You will save a lot of time and effort trying to design your holidays, choosing the more suitable winery, hotel or restaurant and trying to book yourself. Let us do the work for you!
  • You will discover places that only the locals know
  • You won’t need to drive. Our tours include private transportation. So, relax and just enjoy the experience
  • Some owners at some wineries do not speak English. Our tours include private local guide who will translate for you. And also give you tips and local recommendations about the area
  • Exclusive and private tours and intimate feeling. Most of our tours are private. But even our Rioja group tours are operated on small groups
  • Personal touch and customized service. We think each client is unique, so we can customize any of our tours and packages that can be completely tailored to suit your needs. We have all the resources at hand. Just contact us with your ideas
  • We are a friendly and knowledgeable team. Since 2002, we have designed unforgettable experiences for clients from all over the world. We have extensive expertise and firsthand knowledge of the region and are passionate about what they do
  • The best local suppliers. We select local suppliers that are reputable, welcoming and with top service. We only include on our tours those wineries, restaurants or hotels we personally love


Experience the fascinating world of Rioja wine with us